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Fox RedSky


Astrologer/Cosmic Love Expert

Fox  RedSky

Lipan Apache astrologer, soul coach, and healer, rose from humble beginnings, fueled by the desire to create a positive impact. My experiences in traditional Native American healing, military, overcoming homelessness and abuse, and filmmaking, including the award-winning documentary "Keep the Fire Lit," shape my passion for helping others.

Residing in a Costa Rican mountain villa, I host retreats and ceremonies, cherishing love and companionship in my marriage. As a YouTuber with "Astrology Obsessed," I offer free content to guide others towards inner beauty and power.

My leisure pursuits include reading, traveling, and adventures, while giving back to the community. I aspire to inspire with my story, utilizing astrology, Native American teachings, and resilience to empower change.

Embrace your dreams and make a positive impact. Have faith in yourself and never give up. Thank you for learning about my journey.

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Fox RedSky

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