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Worm Moon March 7 2023 VIRGO FULL MOON

Greetings, my fellow astrology enthusiasts!

It's Fox Redsky here, and today I'm here to talk to you about the upcoming Worm Moon and Virgo Full Moon on March 7, 2023. As you may know, the Worm Moon gets its name from the time of year when the ground begins to thaw and earthworms start to emerge from the soil, indicating the coming of spring. This particular full moon is also known as the Crow Moon, the Sap Moon, or the Lenten Moon, depending on cultural and religious traditions. The Virgo Full Moon occurs during this time of year, and brings with it a focus on organization, practicality, and attention to detail. Virgo is an earth sign, which makes this full moon a powerful time for grounding and connecting with the physical world. If you're wondering what this Worm Moon and Virgo Full Moon mean for you personally, let's take a look at the astrological influences at play. First and foremost, this full moon is a time to focus on your health and wellbeing. With the Virgo energy in play, it's a great time to take stock of your physical health, make any necessary changes to your diet or exercise routine, and generally prioritize self-care. This is also a great time to declutter and organize your living space, which can have a positive impact on your mental health. At the same time, the Worm Moon brings with it a focus on relationships and social connections. This is a time to nurture the relationships that matter to you, and to seek out new connections if you feel like you could use more support or companionship in your life. On a deeper level, this full moon is a time to embrace your inner wisdom and intuition. With the Worm Moon in play, you may find yourself feeling more in tune with your emotions and your inner world. Trust your instincts and pay attention to any intuitive insights that come your way. Overall, this Worm Moon and Virgo Full Moon are a time to focus on health, relationships, and intuition. Embrace the grounding energy of Virgo, and allow the Worm Moon to guide you as you connect with your inner wisdom. I hope this brief overview of the upcoming full moon has been helpful to you. Remember to take some time for self-care, connect with loved ones, and trust your intuition. Until next time, keep exploring the mysteries of the universe and the power of astrology.

Fox RedSky

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