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The Water Signs- Love Languages

We are all different with our own unique set of needs, wants, and desires. Many of these things can be met by our partner or a potential partner. However, there are some needs that can only be met within ourselves.

Venus will shows us our love style and the way we express this love language. Looking in our Natal charts at the placemats and sign of Venus will help us understanding ourselvesand is a gateway to the hearts desires.

The Water Signs ....are the most sensitive and emotional of the zodiac. They feel deeply and passionately, and they express their love in a very intense way. But did you know that each water sign has its own unique love language?

Venus will shows us our love style and the way we express this love language. Looking in our Natal charts at the placemats and sign of Venus will help us understanding ourselves and is a gateway to the hearts desires. Having your Venus in a water sign. This is a deep flowing psychic strong and powerful experience to have Venus in. Just as our bodies are 75% water to have your love embody the element water is to be able to hold and feel so much not just for yourself and not just for the others but for the whole world. Water is a element that’s very deep.

Do you know your water sign's love language? If not, you're in for a treat! Water signs are some of the most romantic, compassionate, and caring signs of the zodiac. They express their love in a very unique and beautiful way.

If you're in a relationship with a water sign, it's important to understand their love language. This will help you to appreciate their gestures of love and feel more connected to them. Here are the water sign's love languages:

- Cancer: Acts of Service

- Scorpio: Quality Time

- Pisces: Words of Affirmation


Pisces Venus

Pisces Venus is a sign that has a deep spiritual connection to love. You are the dreamer, using words and art and romantic poetry lyrics to the song to express your love. You show love through creative beautiful artistic soulful expressions your love is free soft and gentle you show your love to the knowledge of the universe romantic candlelight dinners long night walks on the beach handwritten poetry Pisces Venus once you’ve given of your spirit it is hard to let go of a lover the beautiful part of you lingers in the relationship long after it’s lost their purpose and even when it turns toxic or stale.

When we fall in love with someone we also fall in love with their dreams, hopes, aspirations and desires; Pisces Venus will hold onto these things with everything they have until there is nothing left but dust. You don’t believe in leaving anyone behind no matter what they have done to you because you know that they are still there inside some where just waiting for someone to find them again.

When you give yourself completely over to another person it can be very difficult for them not to take advantage of this unconditional love from Pisces Venus. You are in tune with the universe and have a deep understanding of life, love and the human condition.

Cancer Venus

Cancer Venus is a Cancer that is ruled by the moon and ruled by your emotions. In the matters of heart you show your love by being nurturing nurturing one the caregiver the mother. Your love to show loyalty and empathic with your lovers one who protects and feeds. Always checking in testing the temperature trying to be considerate lots of lawn cuddles and lots and lots of touch being at home in a loving embrace

Cancer Venus shows what we want from our relationships, what we need from our partners to feel loved, safe, secure and happy. It's not about what we get from our partner but rather what we give them.

Venus in Cancer wants a partner who will take care of them physically and emotionally, who will make them feel secure, safe, warm and cozy. They want someone who feels like home to them because they feel like home to everyone else!

Venus in Cancer loves romantic gestures like surprises or going out on dates that are meaningful like visiting their favorite places or doing something they've always wanted to do but haven't had time for yet — such as going skydiving or bungee jumping together!

Scorpio Venus

Scorpio Venus is a sign that loves with an intensity that can be frightening for some. This love is deep, dark and consuming. It’s not an easy love but it is an amazing one.

The Scorpio Venus is willing to go to the deepest darkest parts of you and bring them out so they can be seen in the light. They are not afraid to look at the ugly parts of your soul because they know how beautiful it can be when it’s brought up from its hiding place.

They will see through all your defenses, lies and manipulations and reveal the truth of who you are deep down inside. They are also willing to do this for themselves in order to create a more honest relationship with someone else or even themselves if need be.

Scorpio Venus is the most intense and passionate of all the zodiac signs when it comes to love. They can’t do anything shallow or mediocre kind of love. They want that crazy sizzling consuming your soul kind of love. The love that comes to mind when I think of Scorpio Venus... is Morticia Addams , Romeo and Juliet, The Crow. A undying, unwavering, forever love that goes to the deepest darkest parts of you.

Scorpio Venus is ruled by Pluto, planet of death, rebirth, transformation and regeneration. So if you want some one who will change your life for good then this is your sign! Scorpio Venus wants to be changed by their partner in some way shape or form so they are always looking for someone who can make them better somehow whether it be professionally or personally or spiritually or emotionally or physically.

They want someone who challenges them mentally which means they need someone who can keep up with them mentally (mentally stimulating conversations) and they need someone who can keep up with their physical energy levels as well as their emotional needs (physical fitness & mental stimulation).

They won’t try to change who you are though because they know that would only lead to resentment on both sides and resentment is something neither of these signs want in their lives or relationships with others! Scorpio Venus does not love lightly.

In Conclusions :

To be loved by someone with their Venus in Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio is to swim in the mysterious waters of emotion. To be felt. To go deeper and some cases to be reborn. a very powerful love indeed.

The love of a person with their Venus in Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio is a gift. It is beyond words and it can take you to the depths of your soul. It is a gift of the most precious kind, and it should be cherished.

This is the kind of love that will make you feel like you are swimming in the most beautiful ocean. It is like jumping into a warm pool on a hot day, or taking a dip in an underground spring. This kind of love is so deep that it can take your breath away and leave you gasping for air.

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Written By :

Fox RedSky


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