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MidLife Crisis: Chiron Return

Greetings, fellow astrologers and seekers of self-discovery. Today, we're going to explore the topic of the Chiron Return, a significant astrological transit that often coincides with what is commonly referred to as the "midlife crisis."

Firstly, let's talk about what Chiron is. In astrology, Chiron is known as the "wounded healer." It's a small planetoid that represents our deepest wounds, but also our potential for healing and growth. When we experience our Chiron Return, it's when the planet Chiron returns to the same position it was in at the time of our birth. This happens around the age of 50, and it's a time of immense transformation.

So, what does it mean to go through a Chiron Return? Well, for me, it was a time of questioning everything. I had achieved a lot in my life up until that point, but I found myself feeling unfulfilled and questioning my purpose. I felt like something was missing, and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. It was a time of great introspection, and I spent a lot of time reflecting on my life and my choices.

One of the biggest things I learned during my Chiron Return was the importance of healing my past wounds. I had been carrying around a lot of emotional baggage for years, and it was weighing me down. During this time, I was forced to confront these wounds head-on and work through them. It wasn't easy, but it was necessary for my growth and healing.

Another thing that happened during my Chiron Return was a shift in my priorities. I had spent most of my life chasing after external validation and material success, but I realized that those things didn't bring me true happiness. Instead, I started to focus on what truly mattered to me, such as my relationships, my spirituality, and my personal growth.

It's important to note that going through a Chiron Return is not always easy. It can be a time of great upheaval and uncertainty. It can feel like the ground is shifting beneath your feet, and it can be scary. But, it's also a time of immense growth and transformation. It's a time to let go of the old and embrace the new.

If you're going through your Chiron Return, here are some tips that I found helpful:

  1. Take time for yourself: During this time, it's important to prioritize your own needs and take time for yourself. This can mean anything from taking a yoga class to going on a solo retreat.

  2. Connect with others: You don't have to go through this alone. Connect with others who are also going through their Chiron Return, or find a therapist or counselor to talk to.

  3. Embrace change: Change can be scary, but it's also necessary for growth. Embrace the changes that come your way, and trust that everything is happening for a reason.

  4. Practice self-compassion: Remember that this is a time of great growth and transformation, and it's not always easy. Be kind to yourself and practice self-compassion.

In conclusion, the Chiron Return is a significant astrological event that occurs in our mid-40s. It's a time of great change, growth, and self-discovery. For me, it was a time of questioning everything and prioritizing my own needs. It was a time of healing old wounds and embracing the new. If you're going through your Chiron Return, know that you're

Fox RedSky

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