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"Finding My Moon Line: How Astrocartography Led Me to My Dream Home in Costa Rica"

My big move to Costa Rica has been a profound and deeply personal experience for me as a creator, filmmaker, astrologer, and writer. It all started with a powerful and life-altering moment when my husband almost passed away from Covid-19. As he recovered, he looked at me and said, "What are we doing here? There's so much more of the world for us to see. Do you want to move to Costa Rica?" And in that moment, I knew that it was time for a change.

At the time, I had been in the process of purchasing a 20-acre ranch in Texas where I had built a thriving community around Sweatlodge and Tipi ceremony. However, the process had become increasingly complicated, and it seemed like it was never going to happen. As much as it broke my heart to let it go, I knew that everything has its day in the sun and goes through cycles. And this particular journey of building a community in Texas had come to an end.

This led me to the opportunity of finding and buying a beautiful piece of land here in Costa Rica, in a home that is beyond my wildest dreams. Being in this place has given me so much time to write and create content, as well as to do some self-healing. As a caregiver and healer, I never thought I would need any healing myself, but being in Costa Rica has reminded me that it's important to focus on our own unhealed wounds.

One aspect of my life that has been greatly impacted by my move to Costa Rica is my astrology practice. Having studied astrology for 27 years, and dabbling in astrocartography, I began to look at the lines that ran to Costa Rica. And what I found was that my ascending moon line and my descending venus line both led to this beautiful country. Being on my moon line ascending has brought me the home of my dreams, and I have been in a creative frenzy since moving here. I have written and published two books on Amazon, one about attracting your soulmate and the other about astrological manifestations. I keep getting more ideas for more projects and more books.

For me, being a Cancer rising with a Moon in the first house and a full Moon in the first house, being on my moon ascending line has been a very healing and cathartic experience. However, it has also required me to revisit some of my traumas, which can be difficult at times. But I have come to realize that in order to heal and level up to the next phase of my life, it is important to face these traumas.

My big move to Costa Rica has been a journey of self-discovery, healing, and manifestation. I am filled with gratitude and a deep sense of emotion as I share my thoughts and experiences with you, and I hope that my story inspires you to look into the untapped knowledge that astrology and astrocartography have to offer. Thank you for listening, for reading and for allowing me to be vulnerable and share my experience with you.

I send you all the blessings and all the love as you manifest your highest and greatest timeline and heal the wounds of your inner child.

Love always,

Fox Redsky.


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