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All things Astrology!

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Hello to all my fellow seekers, astrologers, and star gazers! Whether this is your first step towards discovering your place in the universe; or are a seasoned explorer, welcome.

Why are we here? Whats are purpose? How can I make the best of this gift called life? The answers to these questions can all be found in astrology, numerology, and with an intuitively connected person.

As Above So Below

Astrology has been an amazing tool for self exploration. It’s been proven to me that the answers to our life’s journey is in the stars. To understand the alignments in the universe, will help decipher the complexities of human behavior. Pretty powerful stuff, right?

Through science, it’s proven that the cells in our body visually mirror the cosmos.

When we begin to see patterns and cycles in our lives the heavens are a reflection. As we watch the cosmos in motion we are watching the great symphony of life. Pretty mind blowing isn’t it?

Astrology is a massive endless sea of knowledge. It is so vast that one can study it their entire life from birth, yet still not be a master of all the parts it contains.

My practice dates back to when I was twelve. Through the years I have become “Obsessed” with learning. Inspired, I created a YouTube channel where I can talk about all things Astrology from my own unique view.

If you would like to explore the many facets of astrology and the incredible journey of discovery, join me at

I also have an Astrology Obsessed channel. Every week I teach about the basics, as well current predictions.


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